Secretary Message

Dear Parents,

The SANGAM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has been established on a strong foundation of progressive approach and commitment to excellence. Distinction and diversity are the two hallmarks of our philosophy, educational leadership and scholarly achievements are our mission. Under the wings of the MATA SHITALA DEVI TRUST the school will recognize each child as an individual and as a transition between home and formal schooling. Our classrooms will provide stimulating experiences for the child to look forward to and enjoy learning. The purpose of children corning to school is to achieve competence. Competence can be seen in children when They say `I CAN DO IT and `I KNOW HOW`. Our varied experiences, as a student, an educator and an educational ambassador in schools will help in achieving this competence by developing all five aspects of a child`s personality- Physical, emotional, mental, creative and cognitive. The co-operation and amazing infrastructure provided by the management, perseverance! Integrity, excellence and team work will enable our Ambassadors to walk out into the world as confident individuals having “GLOBAL VISION WITH INDIAN VALUES”.

Mr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta